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  • Free Gift 3:Holographic Adhesive Vinyl Roll - 12"x5 Ft (Holographic Orange)
Free Gift 3:Holographic Adhesive Vinyl Roll - 12"x5 Ft (Holographic Orange)
Free Gift 3:Holographic Adhesive Vinyl Roll - 12"x5 Ft (Holographic Orange)

Free Gift 3:Holographic Adhesive Vinyl Roll - 12"x5 Ft (Holographic Orange)

Brand: HTVRont
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About Holographic Adhesive Vinyl Roll - 12"x5 Ft
HTVRONT Silver Holographic Permanent Vinyl 12”x5ft roll is a unique vinyl with an eye-catching rainbow effect that changes with light and perspective. It’s super durable and resistant to fading, scratching, tearing, and water. Perfect for use on any smooth surfaces.
Vibrant Changing Color
Shimmering Holographic Vinyl features an eye-catching color characteristic, which helps release your creativity and makes innovative projects. With 16 brilliant colors available, amazing handicrafts will be done on your own.
Long-lasting Durability
This Silver Holographic Vinyl is made of premium-quality material with a strong stickiness that is tough enough to withstand indoor and outdoor use. With its long-lasting durability, there’s no need to worry about peeling and fading.
Flexible & Versatile
HTVRONT Silver Holographic Vinyl Roll is very flexible so that it can adapt to curved items. And it can be applied to a variety of smooth surfaces including glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, etc.
Waterproof and durable so it can be used indoors and outdoors.
Instructions For Use
Make your design on the computer connected with a cutting machine and do not mirror the image. Cut out the design on the adhesive vinyl.
Remove the excess vinyl from your design with weeding tools.
Place the transfer tape over the design, use a scraper to squeegee, then peel off the tape perfectly.
Place the design on your project surface, squeegee, and peel off the tape.
Cutting Settings
  • 12"x5 Ft
  • Holographic Adhesive Vinyl Roll - 12"x5 Ft * 1
Can I apply heat on these holographic vinyl sheets?
I would apply heat to water bottles, mugs, etc. HTVRONT works great as a heat transfer vinyl for shirts, etc.
Can this silver holographic vinyl be used outdoors (on mailboxes, planters, etc.. Does it work in sunny areas)?
Is the permanent holographic vinyl UV resistant? Yes, our holographic vinyl could be used outdoors. It is UV resistant. You could have a try.
Is it easy to transfer the Silver Holographic Vinyl?
Yes, our Holographic Permanent Vinyl is super easy to cut, weed, and transfer. The only thing is that it would be better to use a high-tack transfer tape, as it will help to transfer the vinyl more easily.
How long could this Silver Holographic Vinyl last if applied to a wine glass or my cup?
The last of Silver Holographic Vinyl depends on how clean it is before the label is applied (preferably it can be cleaned with alcohol before applying) and how to clean/maintain it (hand washes recommended). We recommend not applying heat. This is a Permanent Holographic vinyl for application.
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