Crafting Makes Me Happy--Helen Martinez

Helen Martinez built up her craft business two years ago, and has founded a Latine lifestyle brand - Hecho By Helena. She is passionate about helping and teaching craft enthusiasts through short-form videos, virtual classes, and in-person throughout Connecticut. For her, crafting is not only a business but also a joyful outlet. 

How long have you been in the handicraft industry

I've been handcrafting since I was eight years old. I started off scrapbooking and then DIY my own clothes with different dyes and cut patterns. After I got the cutting machine five years ago, I started doing more crafts. 

What is your motivation to make crafts

The greatest motivation is my joy. For me, crafting is a joyful outlet. I also want to be a representation of the Latina community, not only to empower current generations but also to inspire future ones to be proud of their heritage.

What do you learn from being a small business owner

I've gained numerous skills, some of which helped me gain a job working in a local nonprofit organization that works with entrepreneurs and small businesses. I've gained knowledge in marketing, managing the production and sales of various goods. And I've increased representation and diversity in the business world as well as the social media. I hope it inspires and empowers other women and minorities to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams as well.

What is your first and favorite HTVRONT product

About three years ago, I was looking for the cheapest waterproof sticker paper or printable vinyl. Eventually, I chose HTVRONT. I love their matte printable vinyl best. It cut nicely and is beautiful in all lighting. 

How has HTVRONT helped you and your business

HTVRONT has been able to help me maintain quality while staying within budget for my Latina lifestyle brand. They also kept me feeling creative and motivated even during difficult creator-block moments.

What are your expectations for HTVRONT and LOKLIK

I hope they can open an offline store in the US. I am looking forward to the next machinery or craft material release, such as the DTF Transfer Film from HTVRONT and the Mug Press from LOKLIK.