Halloween Craft Ideas for Cricut

Halloween Craft Ideas for Cricut

Hey, guys! As you all know, Halloween is coming at the end of this month!! Seriously, I’m really excited about the festival. That’s not only because it’s one of my favorites but also because it’s my turn to shine with my new Cricut Halloween ideas this time!

So, you here will learn about the most popular and easiest Halloween craft ideas and projects! In this tutorial, we have Halloween T-shirts, Halloween Cups, Halloween Glass Jars, Halloween Earrings(My favorite project!), and Halloween Key Chains!

Let’s dive in!

Halloween T-shirts:

Needless to say, the Halloween T-shirts must have the priority to be created first for the special day! That’s why I’m going to use one of my favorite Halloween t shirts to show you guys how to make decorations for Halloween!

If you prefer to watch videos, you can click the link below.


1.Heat Transfer Vinyl
2.The Cricut Vinyl Cutter Machine
3.The HTVRONT Heat Press
4.A Computer
5.A Printer
6.Weeding Tools
7.A Cutting Mat

Choose some happy Halloween SVGs you like and trace and extract the contours of the images in the Cricut editing program, Design Space. Remember to mirror the images.

Send the codes to your Cricut cutter and weed away the excess parts.

Then, preheat your heat press at the setting temperature of 150-155℃ and transfer the images to your t-shirt.

Last, you just need to remove the clear film with a cold peel and you’ll be able to enjoy what your excellent Halloween shirts bring to you!

Except for regular heat transfer vinyl, you can also embellish your garment designs with HTV of different patterns, sublimation paper, and heat transfer vinyl. (The last two can be printed with colorful and vibrant images, which will perform much more vividly.)

Next, let’s make some adorable Halloween cups!


Halloween Cups:

Drinking tasty juice with funny Halloween cups, or inviting your friends to have some milk with the cups full of your amazing Halloween craft ideas, must be exciting!

Look at the Halloween cup with cutie ghosts below!


1.Adhesive Vinyl

2.Transfer Tape

3.The Cricut Vinyl Cutter Machine

4.Weeding Tools

5.A Cutting Mat

Same editing and cutting processes as the ones of the mentioned HTV, but only note not to mirror your images this time.

After weeding away the excess parts of your lovely Halloween images, cut out the transfer tape into proper sizes according to the final results.

The last part will be the funniest one! Feel free to put these vinyl Halloween stickers on your cups with great creativity!

Of course, sticky crafting Halloween decorations can also be made with printable vinyl. This type of sticker paper is very common in designing stickers with rich colors and clear backings. And to enhance the waterproof characteristic, you can cover the final stickers with matte or glossy film.

Working with this printable vinyl, you just need to print your favorite pictures out and cut along the contour. Pretty suitable for retouching Halloween plastic glasses, Halloween plastic cups, and Halloween glass jars!


Halloween Glass Jars:

Like how you make Halloween cups with adhesive vinyl, you can just use the exact same method to get your fantastic vinyl Halloween stickers.

1.Adhesive Vinyl

2.Transfer Tape

3.The Cricut Vinyl Cutter Machine

4.Weeding Tools

5.A Cutting Mat

And here, you can see that I crafted some vibrant pumpkin stickers with holographic adhesive vinyl.

Different patterns of materials will display diverse visual effects, even when working with the same images. So make sure which kind of effect you’re looking for for your designs. From my experience, the glitter and soft metallic one always dot your garments with a stylish and stunning touch!

Halloween Key Chain:

Also, you can apply the stickers to your key chains!

Look at the tiny Cricut Halloween decor with a web shaping a little bit like Minnie Mouse! And you can add some personal touches to it to show up your uniqueness!

And the fantastic part is that you can change the images repeatedly as you like because the vinyl Halloween stickers are removable. But if it’s designed for further use, it would be better to cover the final result with some epoxy resin and let it dry for 24 hours. Therefore, the key chain can stay intact for long-term decoration.


Halloween Earrings:

Finally! It comes to my favorite part! Making some extremely quirky and funny Halloween earrings!

1.Faux Leather
2.Heat Tape or Masking Tape
3.The Cricut Vinyl Cutter Machine
4.Weeding Tools
5.A Cutting Mat
6.Fish Earring Hooks

Even though this is a new material for making Halloween crafts, you don’t have to panic! The crafting process is just as easy as how you work with other kinds of vinyl.

Select some Halloween SVGs like webs, pumpkins, little ghosts, or bats from the Cricut Design Space or another location like Google. Use the tape to fix your faux leather on the cutting mat.

Cut out the designs on your faux leather and weed out the excess parts. Pretty easy, right?!

Then, you just use the poker to poke a hole in the top of the faux leather and get the loop of the fish earring hooks through the hole.

That’s all! The earrings can be defined all by yourselves in colors, shapes, and sizes. And they are so lightweight that they will not frustrate you after hanging on your ears for a long time!

Have you got any of these simple but excellent Cricut Halloween ideas? There’s not that much time to hesitate! Just take a move and give yourselves a chance to experience funny Halloween crafts!

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