Best Cricut Christmas Ideas 2022

Best Cricut Christmas Ideas 2022

The best festival in the year, Christmas, is coming! This year, with the hotshot Cricut cutting machines, we are going to be on the lookout for fantastic Cricut gift ideas!

And my post here is designed for you to amass tons of pretty trinkets, fascinating shirts for families, and lovely Christmas handmade cards out of Christmas Cricut ideas. What are you waiting for?! Let’s give it a quick look!


1.Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Cricut ideas: Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Materials: HTVRONT Black&Red Plaid Heat Transfer Vinyl; HTVRONT Adhesive Vinyl; Transfer Tape

The first several Cricut Christmas ideas that jump into your head may be a beautiful and shiny pendant decor for your Christmas trees! This year, I just got a bunch of tiny and adorable Christmas trees in the house to add some more Christmas colors! And the wooden pendants with classic black and red plaids can really fit this atmosphere!

Just cut out a proper circle, heat press the HTV Vinyl on the wood slice, and create some holographic vinyl designs! It must be one of the easiest Cricut Christmas projects!


2. Christmas T-shirts

Cricut Christmas ideas: Christmas T-shirts

Materials: HTVRONT Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl; Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl; Transfer Tape; Cutting Mat

As a festival standing by the family spirit, we cannot miss the Christmas family shirts, one of the best vinyl Cricut Christmas ideas! Pick up the traditional festive patterned vinyl and the glitter vinyl, craft them into stripes and “Merry Christmas,” and let the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press do the magic! And remember to cut the design on the backside, which means you need to reverse the images when editing!

You have to admit that the Christmas t-shirt is absolutely a way of putting your Christmas Cricut idea into reality!

3. Christmas Gifts with HTVRONT

Cricut Christmas ideas: Christmas Gifts with HTVRONT

Materials: HTVRONT Adhesive Vinyl, Transfer Tape

How about making a sweet key chain hanging tinkly on your handbags, with your keys, or on your porch? I do love decorating my milky white porch. Here, I use light colors to create several lovely Cricut Christmas crafts!

Choose your favorite colors, cut out the garland images on your adhesive vinyl, and weed away the excessive parts. Place the transfer tape on the vinyl design, and transfer it to a clear glass slice or other smooth surfaces! And, of course, you can change the words inside into different phrases or the names of your family members as you wish!

4. Christmas Decor

Cricut Christmas projects: Christmas Decor

Materials: HTVRONT Sublimation Paper, Key chains with sublimation coating

Besides the clear Christmas ornament I mentioned above, I also got some milky white pendants to match my porch. The opaque Cricut Christmas crafts combined with HTVRONT sublimation paper can deliver vivid and bright colors for all your designs!

After printing out your ideal pictures with sublimation ink, you only need to press them on the sublimation key chains with a high temperature of 380-400 ℉for 40 seconds. The sublimating process always requires a higher temperature and a longer pressing time than heat transfer.

5. Christmas Decor stickers

Cricut Christmas projects: Christmas Decor stickers

Materials: HTVRONT Printable Vinyl, Special Films

Have you ever tried the print-then-cut function of Cricut Maker 3? That’s genuinely an outstanding advanced feature while crafting your personalized sticky Cricut Christmas projects!

Select some attractive images and print them with regular ink, cover the pictures with a unique patterned film, and then apply the print-then-cut function of your Maker machine! When the cutting process is complete, take the stickers off, and everything is done! With its excellent stickiness, you can dot your notebooks, phone cases, computers, desks, mirrors, and more with these fairy-like decors! Look how cute these Christmas stickers are! Excellent gift choice for your little ones!

6. Christmas Bags

vinyl Cricut Christmas ideas: Christmas Bags

Materials: HTVRONT Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Let’s surprise your cuties with some Cricut Christmas crafts! Beautiful days match sweet gifts! Prepare some candies, cookies, and shiny trinkets in such tiny Christmas bags, and the cutie pies must feel exhilarating! Choose several sheets of vinyl with glittery sheen, cut and combine them into a childlike Santa, and heat transfer the layers one by one on a bag. There it is! A festive gift bag!

7. DIY Gift Tags with HTVRONT Cardstock

vinyl Cricut Christmas ideas: DIY Gift Tags with HTVRONT Cardstock

Materials: HTVRONT Cardstock, Weeding Tools

Add some personal touch to your gift wrappings! Here, HTVRONT double-sided Cardstock allows you to print on one side and write words on the other side. Print down the dwarfs in Christmas costumes, cut out a proper shape, and cover the cards with a transparent film with holographic snowflakes! Apply your print-then-cut function on the Cricut machine and cut the contour of the cards! These pretty gift tags will stand out your Cricut gift ideas in crowds!

8. Santa’s boots

Cricut Christmas ideas: Santa’s boots

Material: HTVRONT Cardstock

Finding some innovative and intriguing Cricut Christmas projects is like a need in a haystack. But how about a dimensional Santa boot for your little ones? Imagine how surprised they will be when receiving such a lovely gift pack! Take out an abundance of cardstock, and everything will get into the groove! And you can find all the popular colors you need in HTVRONT. Cut down the cardstock into different shapes following the instruction and build them up into a cut boot! Hide some candies and desserts in it and treat your little friends!

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