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  • [Machine bundle]Hat Heat Press Machine + Button Maker Machine
[Machine bundle]Hat Heat Press Machine + Button Maker Machine
[Machine bundle]Hat Heat Press Machine + Button Maker Machine
[Machine bundle]Hat Heat Press Machine + Button Maker Machine
[Machine bundle]Hat Heat Press Machine + Button Maker Machine

[Machine bundle]Hat Heat Press Machine + Button Maker Machine

Brand: HTVRONT UK Store

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About LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat Heat Press
LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat is a brand-new portable heat press exclusive to various hats. With its built-in digital display screen, timer, and adjustable heat settings, there will be no more guesswork ironing designs.
Its multifunctional design allows you to craft fancy hats, structured caps, low-profile caps, and more with ease and efficiency.

Hat Heat Press Machine
Multifunctional Design
A lightweight and handy hat heat press in 2.2 lb/ 1.0 kg is unsurprisingly terrific! Space can always be saved with such a compact body and a multifunctional storage design!
Hat Heat Press Machine
Fast & Even Heat
The HTVRONT Hat Heat Press adopts a castaluminum heat plate and NTC(Negative Temperature Coefficient) technology for heatingup efficiently and safely. The premium heat platedelivers uniform temperature edge-to-edge whilelasting longer for further use.
Hat Heat Press Machine
Intuitive Display Screen
This hat heat press machine equips a digital display screen showing the real-time heating temperature and countdown straight forwardly which allows you to monitor the ironing process
Hat Heat Press Machine
Real-time Setting
The LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat is designed to perfect every hat creation out of your hand! Powered by the intuitive digital display screen and the flexible setups (Max Temp: 390℉/ 200℃, Time: 600 s), you can master the final performance of your hat projects.
Upgraded Safety
High security always upholds its importance deeply in the heart of LOKLiK’s product team. Home safety with the 15-minute auto-off feature, the heat-resistant ironing mat, and the sturdy storage lid of LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat, which scientifically earned multiple safety certifications.
Various Hats
You will be the one to define the latest hat fad! With the supportive lid and best-fitting ironing mat, the LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat empowers you to design diverse hat styles!
Quick Reference Chart
Instruction For Use
Place the ironing mat, hat, andmaterials in order on the storage lid
Press the "Set,+,-" buttons to set theproper time and temperature
Press the "Power" button for 2s and apply the machine
Share your creation with family and friends
  • * Weight: 2.2 lb/ 1.0 kg
    * Input Voltage:220-240V~ 50-60Hz
    * Dimensions: 8.1 × 6.5 × 6.3 in/ 20.5 × 16.5 × 16 cm
    * Temperature: 210-390℉/100-200℃
  • * LOKLiK ImPress™Hat Heat Press Machine
    * Hat Pressing Lid
    * lroning Mat
    * Insulated Safety Base
    * Travel Bag
    * User Manual
    * Warranty Card
    * Brand Card
    * User Guide Envelope

    Q1:Why cannot the buttons react accordingly?
    Al:Make sure the machine is powered;
    A2:Cut the power and restart the machine;
    A3:Follow theinstructions strictly while in use.
    Q2:How to convert the temp unit?
    Al:Press the “Set”key for 3s to convert the temp unit(°F/°C).
    Q3:Why does the machine make “beep”sounds?
    Al:Beep once:the machine is powered,the countdown ends,or when it automatically shuts off;
    A2:Beep constantly with"E1"or"E2"on the screen:cut the power immediately and restart the machine.
    Q4:What to do when the machine stops working suddenly?
    Al:Check ifthe machine is powered;
    A2:Cut the power immediately and restart.
    Q5:How do you make sure the successful transfer results?
    Al:Make sure the time and temp settings are suitable for the materials;
    A2:Make sure the hat is perfectly fit to the ironing mat;
    A3:Make sure the design is tightly fixed to the hat;
    A4:Cold peel off the protective film.

    Perfect Button Maker Machine Kit
    This kit includes: 58mm(2.25inch) badge maker machine, 110pcs button making supplies, 58mm(2.25inch) circle cutter and two screw wrench. No need to purchase any other parts, start your personal button making as soon as you receive the HTVRONT button maker kit.
    Upgraded Design
    HTVRONT new pin maker machine adopts a skin like layer to enhance the grip of the machine and reduce the failure rate of badge production. The upgraded rotating structure makes the rotation of the base smoother and more precise, ensuring that your buttons and badges exactly comply with your requirements.
    Easy to Use
    First, cut picture use our free circle cutter. Second, place badge metal cover into top cover mould and put the picture on cover. Third, place transparent film on picture and press down button making machine handle. Last, add metal backing on bottom cover mould and press down the handle again. Then, you will get your own button.
    Instructions For Use
    • 16.53 x 11.14 x 6.61 inches
    • ● 58mm(2.25inch) badge maker machine
      ● 110pcs button making supplies
      ● 58mm(2.25inch) circle cutter and two screw wrench
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